Enable Non-Root Binding to Port 80 in a FreeNAS Jail

If you are trying to get a service running as an unprivileged user to bind to port 80 in a FreeNAS iocage jail you will need to do the following:

Set securelevel of the jail in Jail Properties to -1

Add the following two lines to /etc/sysctl.conf inside the jail:


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Get More Space on Dropbox

We all know that you can get more space for your Dropbox account by referring others but there are a couple other ways you might not know about. First you can connect Dropbox to your Facebook & Twitter accounts, send Dropbox some feedback and Tweet about it for an additional 756 meg of space (And if you remove Dropbox from these services after adding it the additional space will stay).  Visit to get the additional space.

If you have access to a .edu email address you can get 500 meg for each referral instead of the normal 250 meg, in addition this is retroactive so you will get additional space immediately for anyone you have already referred. The other benefit to this is that the amount of free space you can earn is raised from 8 gig to 16 gig. To sign up visit

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Is Dropbox The Best Thing Ever?

Well of course not, that would be my wife, but it is pretty darn good. Dropbox is a simple way to keep files syncronised across multiple computers as well as have access to them from the web. It also works well as a way to always have access to the most up to date versions of your files on a smartphone or tablet device. It works automatically so all you have to do is save the files you want to sync in the Dropbox folder in Documents and Dropbox does the rest.

Best of all… It’s FREE!

If you want to get started use the below link and you will start off with 2.2 gig of free space instead of the normal 2 gig.

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What can you do with HTML5?

Apparently just about anything. Check out this Google Chrome Experiment that won Best Of Show at SXSW. It is pretty amazing.

The Wilderness Downtown

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Site Migration to WordPress

I have decided that Community Server is no longer viable for what I want from my website so here is version 2.0 based on WordPress. Not only did I update the software but the site is now hosted on CentOS virtualized on Hyper-V so it is all new.

So far I am loving the new platform. I am posting this from my iPhone!

If you run into any problems with the new site please drop me a line and let me know. Enjoy!

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Its a Blizzard!

Not really, but its Texas… In February… And Its Snowing! Needless to say I am working from the house today.


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Unibroue – La Terrible



Type: Abbey / Dark Ale

First Impressions: Yum, hints of coffee and chocolate, very smooth

Review: This beer has 10.5% alcohol but you would not know it from the smoothness. The mfg. website states that it could be used as a replacement for coffee and I agree, after dinner coffee that is. This is no 7am wake up call. There is no bitterness to this beer and it almost has a wine smell to it, my wife who hates beer found this to be drinkable. I don’t know if I would like it in 110 degree Texas heat but as a Fall or Winter beer this one is great.

Last Impressions:  Dark and complex. Your last drink is a good as the first. Go forth and find this beer!

Drinkability: 10 out of 10

Drunkability: 6 out of 10… It’s just too dark and too expensive to get drunk with although the 10.5% alcohol does provide a nice mellow feeling after a glass

Mfg. Website:

Final Rating: 10 out of 10

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Victory Prima Pils



Type: Pilsner

First Impressions: Pretty good, hints of lemon, a little bitter

Review: I like this beer. As you drink the initial bitterness fades and you are left with a nice, clean, and light beer. This is an easy beer to drink, almost too easy, and would appeal to a wide range of people. This is not a “knock your socks off” beer, it is subtle yet complex and very satisfying.

Last Impressions: After a few sips the initial bitterness goes away but the greatness remains. This is an easy beer to drink so be careful. Go forth and find this beer!

Drinkability: 10 out of 10

Drunkability: 9 out of 10

Mfg. Website:

Final Rating: 10 out of 10

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Community Server No More?

It used to be that Community server was the end all be all of .net community sites, although this still may be true I will never know because I can’t afford the $5k for the license. Oh yeah, it is no longer Community Server, it’s now Telligent Community and all links to the community generated software from which they grew are now gone. It is a shame that they can’t be bothered to host the same links that helped to build their business among small websites. These are the sites their software helped to grow thus building the brand and allowing Telligent to gain momentum with the large companies they now cater to. To be quite blunt Telligent did not just stop supporting previous versions, they removed all remnants that anything had ever existed.

Did something happen to require you to reinstall CS 2.1, 2007 or 2008.5? Too bad if you did not save the file and did not pay. You, my friend, are done.

I was lucky enough to have a CS 2007 license and was able to email support to obtain a copy to reinstall but those running a free version should be careful to keep a daily backup.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for building a business and making money but I don’t think that you should kill all support for and erase all traces of the software that built your business.

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Site Update

Yesterday the site was updated from Community Server 2.1 to Community Server 2007. Yes, I know, I am behind on the upgrade schedule but CS 2007 is what I had a license for. One of my dogs just had a costly surgery so I wanted to add ad’s to the site so I could possibly break even on the hosting costs. Long story short the site is updated and now has ad’s (Sorry, but help a brother out here).

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