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Sweet, I Can Type Again!

In my home office I have two desktop PC’s, one for my wife and one for me. Both have wireless keyboard and mouse sets and the problem was that when my wife would move her mouse my keyboard and mouse would no longer work (Interference?). For Christmas my wife got me a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and the problem is now solved! Moral to the story – If you have interference with multiple wireless keyboard and mouse sets switch to Bluetooth, the range is better as well.

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What are your TV tuners doing?

Sometimes you have a problem tuner other times you may just be bored and curious, but either way here is how you can pull up “debugging” info on your tuners in VMC or Windows 7 MC.

While at your computer and watching live TV simply hit the “H” key.

While watching live TV through an extender or when you don’t have access to a keyboard type in the sequence “4, 1, 1, More Info Button” on your remote.

Either way you can then go left or right to see all the various debugging info, very useful for troubleshooting a particular tuner.

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A Dirt Cheap QAM Tuner For Media Center

I picked up an ASUS Combo 210e tuner card for $38. Out of the box it does not support Clear Qam in MCE but all you need to do is use the VistaView drivers and patch available at the following link:

Sweet! I can pick up 4 of these for the price of a HD Homerun.

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