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Work Laptop + Home Network Printer

I was given a laptop from work today so I can acomplish things from home. I was a bit worried about adding my home printer to it because the laptop is on the work domain, the home printer is a network printer on a workgroup.

It turned out to be easier than I thought with one glitch. I ran the driver setup for the printer but when I got to the part asking what port to use (USB, File or New TCP IP Port) the option for the new TCP IP port was greyed out. I first tried to tell it the printer was USB but of course being the smart program that it is it tried to detect it, which of course it never would because it was not connected via USB. I then re-ran setup and told it to use File as the port. Good deal printer installed.

Next I went to the properties for the printer and added the TCP IP port using the add new port wizzard and viola, I can now waste my own ink and paper instead of my employers’.

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