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Get More Space on Dropbox

We all know that you can get more space for your Dropbox account by referring others but there are a couple other ways you might not know about. First you can connect Dropbox to your Facebook & Twitter accounts, send Dropbox some feedback and Tweet about it for an additional 756 meg of space (And if you remove Dropbox from these services after adding it the additional space will stay).  Visit to get the additional space.

If you have access to a .edu email address you can get 500 meg for each referral instead of the normal 250 meg, in addition this is retroactive so you will get additional space immediately for anyone you have already referred. The other benefit to this is that the amount of free space you can earn is raised from 8 gig to 16 gig. To sign up visit

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Is Dropbox The Best Thing Ever?

Well of course not, that would be my wife, but it is pretty darn good. Dropbox is a simple way to keep files syncronised across multiple computers as well as have access to them from the web. It also works well as a way to always have access to the most up to date versions of your files on a smartphone or tablet device. It works automatically so all you have to do is save the files you want to sync in the Dropbox folder in Documents and Dropbox does the rest.

Best of all… It’s FREE!

If you want to get started use the below link and you will start off with 2.2 gig of free space instead of the normal 2 gig.

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Its a Blizzard!

Not really, but its Texas… In February… And Its Snowing! Needless to say I am working from the house today.


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Site Update

Yesterday the site was updated from Community Server 2.1 to Community Server 2007. Yes, I know, I am behind on the upgrade schedule but CS 2007 is what I had a license for. One of my dogs just had a costly surgery so I wanted to add ad’s to the site so I could possibly break even on the hosting costs. Long story short the site is updated and now has ad’s (Sorry, but help a brother out here).

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Sweet, I Can Type Again!

In my home office I have two desktop PC’s, one for my wife and one for me. Both have wireless keyboard and mouse sets and the problem was that when my wife would move her mouse my keyboard and mouse would no longer work (Interference?). For Christmas my wife got me a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and the problem is now solved! Moral to the story – If you have interference with multiple wireless keyboard and mouse sets switch to Bluetooth, the range is better as well.

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Work Laptop + Home Network Printer

I was given a laptop from work today so I can acomplish things from home. I was a bit worried about adding my home printer to it because the laptop is on the work domain, the home printer is a network printer on a workgroup.

It turned out to be easier than I thought with one glitch. I ran the driver setup for the printer but when I got to the part asking what port to use (USB, File or New TCP IP Port) the option for the new TCP IP port was greyed out. I first tried to tell it the printer was USB but of course being the smart program that it is it tried to detect it, which of course it never would because it was not connected via USB. I then re-ran setup and told it to use File as the port. Good deal printer installed.

Next I went to the properties for the printer and added the TCP IP port using the add new port wizzard and viola, I can now waste my own ink and paper instead of my employers’.

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Full Screen Captures In Vista

Have you been wondering why the print screen button stopped working? Add this key and you should have it back.


Value: EnablePrintScreen
Type: DWord (32 bit)
Contents: 0x00000001


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I love it when the search engine yells at me…

 Is this the new face of search engines? I kind of like the concept and am interested to see what this grows into.

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Installing VS 2005 on the December Vista CTP Build

I was having no luck installing using the DVD, each time I could start the installer and select to install Visual Studio but then the installer would disappear and nothing would happen.

As it turns out the solution was to copy the CD to a folder on the hard drive and install from there. Don’t know why but now it works.

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Site Is Back Up

But then again if you are reading this you already know that. Still working on migrating / recovering things from the old site (stupid harddrive errors) but other than that things are coming along nicely.

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