Simple DVR-MS editing.

Version: 1.2
By: Alex Seigler

Downloaded 70069 times.


This program will convert DVR-MS files created by Windows XP Media Center Edition to WMV format. It contains an interface suitable for viewing through TV, one for a computer monitor and a command line version. Although there are some commonly used options that you can change through the TV version many options will have to be set in the version designed for the computer monitor. Once these options are set they will apply to both the computer and TV version of the program.

Version: 1.0
By: Alex Seigler, José Peña, James Edelen, Jeff Griffin

Downloaded 29442 times.

Sleep Timer

This adds a sleep timer to Media Center. It will not put your computer to sleep but only close MCE after the period of time specified. With MCE closed your computer will be able to go into standby after the time specified in your power management options. Any recordings will continue to record after MCE closes.

Version: 2.0
By: Jeff Griffin

Downloaded 2089 times.

MCE Display Properties [Hauppauge]

Adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness of your Hauppauge TV tuner card.

Only known to work with PVR250 using old drivers.

Version: 1.0
By: Jeff Griffin; Ken Salter

Downloaded 957 times.

MCE Display Properties [Avermedia]

Adjust the saturation, hue, contrast and sharpness of you AverMedia TV tuner card. (This does not work with the OEM AverMedia M150 card).

Version: 1.0
By: Jeff Griffin; Ken Salter

Downloaded 866 times.

Recorded TV Button

This software will add a button to your MCE 2002 start page that will take you directly to Recorded TV.

Version: 1.0
By: Jeff Griffin

Downloaded 758 times

One Response to “Downloads”

  1. LTooley says:

    I’ve been using DVREdit beautifully for a couple of months then, suddenly, it no longer works. Every time I try to load a show, I get an error:

    Opening, error in graph: 0x80040154


    Error opening source file.

    I’ve tried some of the other programs I have that manipulate the dvr-ms files and no problem so it appears to be something with this one. I’ve run CCleaner, Virus Scans, Disc scans, reboots, system restores, etc…. and nothing has fixed it. Any help would be appreciated.

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